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CA ICEM news Education From 2 to 5 November 2017 at the ESEN -ESR Poitiers to contribute to the success of this event, the six movements that refer to it and carry (CEMEA, the educational CRAP-Cahiers, the FESPI (federation innovative public schools), the FI-CEMEA ( international federation of CEMEA), the GFEN and ICEM-Freinet Pedagogy) published texts here with the relationship they have with the new education and the meaning they give him today. Presentation of six movements Press release of November 5, 2017 Results of the first Biennial Add Comment Read more 3 attachments Discrimination on social precariousness By Catherine Chabrun on 06/15/16 – 7:55 In: Gr CA s. ICEM news rights> human rights the 21st discrimination criterion Press release, June 14, 2016.

Add a comment Read more 1 attachment the strength of reciprocity and cooperation to learn by Catherine Chabrun 27 / 02/16 – 10:35 in: Gr CA ICEM news day (s) ICEM study the Company> international meeting current problems, the Arena Agora in Evry (91), 3, 4,. June 5, 2016.

Organized by the French Movement of Networks of reciprocal knowledge exchange, Foresco – ICEM, cooperative Institute of modern school Movement Freinet – the Institute Renaudot, community health approaches – Association  » School change course « – » Different & competent « Network ESAT – Ardelaine, saving business solidarity – Ambr’Azur, network of artists – Puzzle, SME network – Social stories, editor. Full program: Add a comment Read more 1 attachment The strength of reciprocity and cooperation to learn the Chabrun By Catherine 03/09/16 – 8:11 In: Gr.

CA ICEM news day (s) ICEM Company study> social links Press release of March 8, 2016 Add new comment Read more 1 attachment file Debating climate by Catherine Chabrun on 09/03/15 – 5:20 p.m. in: Gr CA of. ICEM Gr Child Rights topical nature, environment A project of the School Network and nature and its partners. teachers Unions: Sgen-cffdt, Snuipp-FSU educational movements: OCCE and ICEM-Freinet and Institute french Education (ITIs -ENS Lyon) Add a comment Read more 1 attachment annual General Meeting of CAPE by Catherine Chabrun on 06/24/14 – 8:53 in: Gr.

CA ICEM news Assembly general June 27 in Paris (CISP Ravel) 10 h 30 to 17 h Addition first comment Read more 3 attachments Congress AGEEM By Catherine Chabrun on 05/17/14 – 7:10 In: Gr. CA ICEM news Child Congress, school, family … ties loom from the kindergarten 87th national Congress of teachers of public schools and nursery classes in Pau Wednesday 2 Thursday 3 and Friday, July 4, 2014 to download the reflection guide, click on the image.

Add a comment Read more For a future solidarity By Catherine Chabrun on 02/05/14 – 7:58 In: Gr CA ICEM news Collective call « Liberty, Equality, Fraternity » Add a comment Read more 1. Support attachment experimental High School of Saint-Nazaire Catherine Chabrun on 02/13/14 – 7:55 in: Gr CA ICEM news day (s) of action of National Education for nearly 32 years. the Experimental High School of Saint-Nazaire opened thanks to the political will of a socialist minister, Alain Savary, and a field team. It was perpetuated by another Socialist minister Lionel Jospin in 1989 could he die under a socialist government?

We could not believe it … Add Comment Read more Rhythms school, educational time, CAPE continues its mobilization By Catherine Chabrun the 16/11/13 – 10:50 In: Gr. CA ICEM news the education> school reforms the reform gives rise to heated debates between politicians, educators, parents.

In this press release CAPE reaffirms its positions. Add new comment Read more 1 2 next> last »
By Claude Beaunis on 26/04/11 – 9:40 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique account Reporting Workshop Exhibition « Start in Freinet / Children author » Saturday, April 9, 2011, 16:30 18h 1) Round table: Each person attending the workshop was presented to the group (name, profession or activity …). There were about forty people.

2) Presentation of the workshop: Why the « child author »? = A choice that goes against what the company offers. This is to take the whole child. An author child can bring in expression and creation to the class. The proposal of the workshop process is validated by the group.

Organizers suggest participants to examine the tools and views in the light of two questions: – How the Freinet she promotes the fact that a child is author of learning? – How does a child is author does influence our pedagogy? 3) Observation tools and displays: The participants took fifteen minutes to walk around the room, observing and consult explanatory displays (school organization and class, rules of life, proposals, presentations …) and class tools (life notebooks, notebooks writer, etc …).

4) Exchanges and reactions: These are the items of discussion and questioning that took place at the time of exchange. · Note on the role of correspondence: echoes the person who has taken over what was said Meirieu on writing: the desire, the meaning given in writing, the fact of being put in instead of the recipient. · Questioning of another person instead of writing: one writes for himself? for others and to be read? · Being author not write that: there are living together, daily, author can be in these areas. · What seems interesting in what has been observed the people is the involvement of all in school management, not just in the classroom. · Compared to the two initial questions: we do not really know which implies the other, both are enriched. · Exchanges around the child’s advice: it’s like a mini-society that is built little by little. The teacher sets a framework, and the rest evolves through class group. · Some react about the writer’s notebooks that do not all work the same way, there seems to be 2 types: one that can be read and why not correct, another that the teacher did not to read.

The answer given is that everyone has his practice and under the same name several tools and uses are possible. · A student mentions mom returns it to the children of council about his son, he loses the rights he expects the following advice to recover, but the others are not always agree . Some people therefore evoke concern and the difficulty of not stigmatizing a child, to manage tensions in the group without « overflow ». The band says that during a child board can not criticize anyhow, there is a framework.

They then grow much and criticize with respect, explain why. It is important to be aware of this right to speak, to express the boundaries crossed by others. · Then the act is sanctioned, not the person. This therefore takes place in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

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becomes concrete. It is important to criticize and propose, criticism should not be free. · A person questioned the second degree: how to organize themselves into larger scale facilities, especially when you’re alone? · A teacher 2nd degree replied. She practiced council of children in 6th on his class life time, every 15 days.

She found it very rewarding: at the beginning the students had trouble getting out of the critics, and by year’s end they were also able to make proposals.